How to mine Cryptocurrencies on Android smartphone in 2021? Minergate

Mining cryptocurrency with android isn’t that difficult and in this blog, I’m gonna show you how, in particular with these three smartphones here

You’ll see what hash rate they get and also whether or not it’s going to be profitable, hope you have a great week

I create technology tutorial and review blog For those subscribers and loyal followers out there you’re probably already aware that I can But with that said let’s get back on topic So I haven’t had a chance to review these three phones here yet, this is the Bluebook S8+

The OnePlus 5T And the Redmi or sorry Xiaomi Redmi 5+ I’m going to try and get these reviews out soon, but they’re three great for smartphones in particular probably these two here This one is my favourite at the moment the Umidigi S2 was my favourite, but the One Plus 5T it has taken it over purely because its pretty high-end phone and its got some really cool features

But back on the topic were talking about mining cryptocurrency with Android Now if you give me one-second I’m gonna start this up on all these phones So the program that I’m using or the app I should say on all these devices is called MinerGate.Now this simplifies the process of actually mining for cryptocurrency..Further to know more about how to mine bitcoin using android or want to know the blockchain developers and skills required to become one of them please refer to my site and give it a look :

to know about how to start mining with nicehash refer to this

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